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Solane LPG

Solane LPG

Solane LPG

Solane LPG relentlessly powers your life, ensuring uninterrupted energy for diverse applications.

Whether inside or outside your home, Solane LPG stands as a versatile and potent source. For cooking, it delivers instant, controllable heat, burning completely without soot buildup, minimizing pan cleaning efforts. Its adaptability extends outdoors, catering to patio heaters, BBQs, and swimming pool heating.

The SOLANE Hatid-Bahay Riders, equipped with calibrated portable weighing scales, guarantee precise measurements, emphasizing

Learn the 7-Point Safety Check

value for customers. In industrial settings, Solane LPG excels, fueling heavy-duty operations like cooking, heating, drying, refrigeration, incineration, and more.

High-quality LPG ensures safety and cost-effectiveness for various energy needs, aligning with environmental considerations.

In the industrial spectrum, the brand finds applications in brazing, soldering, ceramic firing, clothes pressing, die casting, drop forging, forklift operation, annealing, and hardening. Its adaptability renders it a readily controllable energy source, providing heat, light, and power at your command.

The high-tech fleet of Solane LPG trucks guarantees punctual, complete deliveries to industrial sites.

The brand takes pride in customizing LPG mixes to meet specific customer needs, offering Special Blends, unscented LPG, or pure Propane and Butane. Unparalleled in innovation, Solane is the sole brand offering Pure Propane and Pure Butane to industrial and commercial clients, tailoring specifications to their requirements. With a nationwide distribution system, The brand ensures a timely and accessible supply.

SOLANE LPG, distinguished in the industry, boasts unrivaled technical expertise in LPG systems solutions. The Commercial Safety Audit, a testament to Solane’s commitment, ensures customer installations remain secure, guarding against incidents that could jeopardize their businesses. The brand stands as the epitome of reliability, catering to your energy demands with precision and innovation.

Address14th Floor Citibank Center, 8741 Paseo de Roxas
Makati, Metro Manila 1226, PH
Phone(02 )8887 5555
Mobile Phone+63 (918) 887 5555
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Platinum Package

50 x 11 kg cylinders
20 x 1.4 kg cylinders
1 Motorcycle vehicle
Rental subsidy
Store Branding
Staff Uniform
LTO Permit
LPG training certificate

Package Price ₱250,000

Gold Package

8 x 11 kg cylinders
6 x 1.4 kg cylinders
Store Branding
Staff Uniform
LTO Permit
LPG training certificate

Package Price ₱24,000

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