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Don’t wait for the opportunity,
Create it.

― Debasish Mridha

Coins is an online digital wallet that we can use to make payments even if we do not have a bank account. With this service we can pay our bills without the hassles of queuing in long lines.
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Recruitment And Hiring In 2017

Recruitment and Hiring in 2017

With advances in social media, the job of recruiters or hiring managers have become a whole lot easier. Gone are…

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Free Business Websites : The Equalizer For Small And Medium Sized Businesses.

Free Business Websites : The Equalizer for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Business Websites are considered an expense by small businesses. They instead go for the free alternative: social media. While this may not be a bad thing and may actually do wonders. Here are some reasons why a small business still needs to have their own website.
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4 Things To Remember When Taking On Freelancing Work.

4 Things to remember when taking on Freelancing work.

Sometimes in our daily lives we are given so many opportunities to make it. And there are times we take whatever opportunity we can without considering certain factors.
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Why You Should Not Rely On Social Media For Your Business.

Why you should not rely on social media for your business.

Social media is what it is, it is robust and ever changing. Change is good and social media is a clever way of interacting with people and your market.
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Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point

"What is our Unique Selling Point"? This is one question start-ups and marketers need to be asking. If a group decides on creating an e-commerce site or a site offering a service or a product that many others are selling then this needs to fit in very snugly.
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Building An E-Commerce Site From Ground Up.

Building an E-Commerce site from ground up.

Thinking of creating an online store? Here are some things to ponder upon. These are not solutions just guidelines.
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Registering as a BMBE

Registration Guidelines. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please see link on latest update regarding places of registration and registration requirements.
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Incentives and Benefits of BMBE’s

What are the Incentives and Benefits of being registered as BMBE?
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