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4 steps to start freelancing

Not all freelancers start out as freelancers, most of them(us) start out as employees. Yes, we are people who are slaves of the Bundy Clock. Freelancing used to refer to people who work at an office and do odd, but related jobs for someone else. Currently, freelancing is more about…

Mixing and Matching Products to create a new product

After a lot of thought, I said to myself: "The internet is a great tool for marketing businesses, reaching great distances with such little effort and investment." But the internet at that time was all "dial-ups". This was the time Google was not yet known and yahoo was the only major search engine.

Facebook Shop

Selling online in the Philippines is not really new, people have been selling using,, and so many other sites.

Setup your Own Facebook Shop.

Although this goes against my better judgment of teaching how to Setup your Own Facebook Shop. Because I offer these kinds of services. I still think that everybody, especially the small ones, needs to know and learn about information that is already there. Before you can create a Page on…

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