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Registering your business with the SEC

SINGLE PROPRIETORSHIP/ BUSINESS NAME REGISTRATION (Application to be filed at nay nearest Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Office or throught HTTP://WWW.DTI.GOV.PH)

A. Requirements for Filipino Investors

  • Must be a Filipino citizen, at least 18 years old.

  • Filipinos whose names are suggestive of alien nationality must submit proof of citizenship such as birth certificate, PRC ID, voter’s ID, passport

  • (a) If the applicant has a foreign sounding name, acquired Filipino citizenship by naturalization, election or by other means provided by law, he must submit proof of his Filipino citizenship such as:

  • Naturalization certificate and Oath of allegiance, – Valid ID card issued by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) or Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)

  • Processing Fee of P300.00 and P15 Documentary Stamp

B. Requirements for Foreign Investors (TO SUBMIT 5 COPIES)

    1. i. Interview sheet with interviewer’s findings and recommendation ii. Duly Accomplished Forms: iii. Form #16- Business Name Application Form #17- Foreign Investor’s Application iv. ID pictures (Passport Size)

      1. a. Foreign Investor – 7 copies b. Filipino resident agent -7 copies

v. ACR / ICR, Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV) or passport vi. Notarized Appointment of Filipino Resident Agent vii. For Non-Resident Alien : Proof of Inward Remittance of Foreign Currency with Peso Conversion For Resident: Bank Certificate of Deposit viii. Authority to verify Bank Accounts/Bank Certificate of Deposit ix. Certification from Resident Alien not seeking Remittance of Profits and Dividends Abroad x. If investment includes assets other than foreign exchange, copy of valuation report from Central Bank. xi. Clearance/Certification from other involved agencies

      • ( ) PNP / DND – if engaged in defense-related activities ( ) DOST – if investment involves advanced technology

xii. Fees/Charges – In Cash: For Business Name Registration Certificate

      1. a. Single Proprietorship – P300.00 b. Filing Fee – P500.00 c. Registration Fee – P5,000.00

xiii. Biodata of Foreign Investor xiv. In case of alien retailer, current year’s permit to engage in retail business per RA 1180 (Amended by RA 8762 – Retail trade rationalization of 2000)

Additional requirements on case-to-case basis depending on actual examination and processing of the application. (i.e., If business requires practice of profession: submit photocopy of Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) license or Integrated Bar of the Philippines membership and present original copy for comparison and contract of employment (If applicable)

C. Procedure
    i.Check online (from a hyperlink at DTI Website: ( if the business name you like to register is still available. ii. Fill-out the application form (copies can be obtained from DTI-Field offices and also available online). Indicate at least three (3) preferred business names. iii. Submit application form together with the documentary requirements, and pay corresponding fees to appropriate DTI-field Offices (DTINCR for businesses within metro Manila or DTI-Provincial Offices for businesses outside the Metro Manila. Online lodgement of form is available to some DTI-field offices that have stable internet access. iv. After evaluation of the application form and documents, applicant will be advised accordingly (personally for those walk-in clients and an auto e-mail notification for those who lodged online. v. Issuance of Certificate of Registration

D. Validity

The Certificate of Business Name Registration is valid for 5 years and shall be valid only at the business address indicated thereon. In the event the registered owner thereof should opt to open branch offices within the Philippines, he must apply for separate registration for each of the branch office so established.

Processing Time
One (1) Day – Application filed at National Capital Region (NCR) And some online DTI-Field Offices Five (5) Working Days – Application filed in other at DTI-Field Offices

Where to Register
National Capital Region Business Center: AREA I- Manila, Pasay, Paranaque 2nd Flr., Park and Ride Lawton, Manila Tel. No. 536-7153 AREA II- Makati, Pasig, Pateros, Taguig, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas Unit 208 2nd Floor, Atrium Bldg., Makati Ave., Makati City Tel. No. 864-0847 or 864-0829 AREA III- Mandaluyong, Marikina, Quezon City, San Juan Ground Floor Highway 54 Plaza, Mandaluyong City Tel. No. 706-1767 or 706-1703 AREA IV- Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela 5th Floor, Araneta Square, Monumento, Caloocan City Tel. No. 362-7664 or 332-0854 For businesses outside of Metro Manila: Proper DTI Provincial Office where business is located.

2.DOMESTIC STOCK CORPORATION A. Registration for Domestic Stock Corporation Stock Corporation Paid-Up: Cash

  • 100% Filipino Equity

  • 60% Filipino-40% Foreign Equity

  • More Than 40% Foreign Equity

  • Export-Oriented Corporations Under Peza & Similar Zones

Paid Up: Cash And Properties

  • Real Estate

  • Motor Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment

  • Shares of Stock

  • Inventories and Furniture

B. Registration for Domestic Non-Stock Corporations

  • Foundations, Associations and Other Non-Stock Organizations

  • Religious Corporations

    i. Name verification slip ii. Articles of Partnership iii. Written joint undertaking to change corporate name signed by two (2) incorporators/Directors iv. Clearance/endorsement from other government agencies, if applicable

Application Procedure

    • For Online Registration

      1. i. Verify/reserve proposed name via internet using SEC i-register ii. If reservation is complete, register the company via the internet using the SEC i-register. Note 1: File directly to SEC if clearance from other government agencies is required. iii. If online registration is completed, system prompts the applicant to pay the filing fees (online or through the SEC cashier) iv. Download/Print the Articles of Partnership v. Pays the required fee vi. Presents the signed and notarized documents to CRMD vii. Claims Certificate of Recording from Releasing Unit of HRAD

Filed Directly With SEC

    1. i. Verify/reserve proposed name ii. Buy articles of partnership forms from Express Lane iii. Get endorsement from other government agencies if needed iv. Presents accomplished forms/docs for pre-processing at CRMD v. Pay filing fees to cashier vi. Claims Cert. Of Incorporation from the Releasing Unit, Records Division

Processing Time
Within 24 hours from filing

B. Limited Partnership Documentary Requirements
    i. Name verification slip ii. Articles of Partnership iii. Written joint undertaking to change corporate name signed by two (2) incorporators/Directors iv. Clearance/endorsement from other government agencies if needed v. If it is a limited partnership, the word “limited” or “Ltd” should be added to the name. Articles of partnership of limited partnership should be under oath only (Jurat) and not acknowledged before a notary public

Application Procedure
Same as in General Partnership

Processing time
Within 24 hours from filing

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