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JAAZ Piso Wifi

Piso WIFI Vendo machine is not just an ordinary machine, it is very innovative, high-tech and has been upgraded.


*Ads (1 2×3 Tarp/Poster )


*15 meters rj45 cable for Outdoor CPE

PisoWifi Features:

✅  Full admin access

✅  MAC based authentication, no need password login

✅  Expandable coverage using Access Point wifi extenders

✅   Bandwidth/speed limiter per user

✅  Traffic shaper / Anti-lag config

✅  Allow/Block Porn sites

✅  Customizable portal (banner, logo and texts)

✅  Adjustable timer (mins per peso)

✅  Users can pause/continue time

✅  Accepts 1peso, 5peso and 10peso coins

✅  Printable vouchers

✅  Class B IP sub-netting (Up to 3,825 ip addresses)

✅  2 x Gigabit LAN port (for access point extenders)

✅  1 x Gigabit WAN port (ISP)

✅  1GB RAM

✅  Dual core ARM Cortex A53 processor up to 1,200mhz

✅  12V 2A power supply (power efficient)

30 to 50 meters wide range

This profitable vendo machine is good to establish in feasible places like:

✔️  stores

✔️  restaurants

✔️  coffee shops

✔️  boarding house

✔️  laundry shops

✔️  terminals

✔️  near school areas

✔️  other crowded places


An internet connection of up at least 10-20mbps for better usage

Address1 T. Santos, Lower Bicutan, Taguig,
1632 Metro Manila
On the web
Jaaz Piso Wifi
Franchise Fee (Min)
Marketing/Advertising Fee
Vendo kit and accessories 2x3 Tarp 15meters utp cable Manual Key
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