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7 tips for managing remote staff

Managing remote staff involves a mental shift, especially for managers who are used to working in traditional settings. Business owners who are accustomed to measuring productivity based on employees' "desk time" and apparent activity levels may find the change to…

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5 Businesses to Launch now

The global pandemic may be coming to an end shortly, thanks to widespread immunizations. Small businesses are already planning to resume their "regular" activities in the aftermath of the pandemic. What if, though, you've been sitting on your hands during…

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7 Tips for Successful Networking

A business network is perhaps the most effective way to build relationships and expand your customer base. Building personal relationships can help build lasting and valuable business relationships. We have 7 Tips for Successful Networking that we hope can help…

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BMBE Update 2017

DAO No 17-03 Revised lmplementing Guidelines for the Administration of the BMBE Development Fund under Section 10 of Republic Act 9178, Otherwise Known as the Barangay Micro Business Enterprises Act of 2002. View Guidelines Source : DTI

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