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4 Things to remember in Freelancing work.

Never bite off more than can chew

Sometimes in our daily lives, we are given so many opportunities to make it. And there are times we take whatever opportunity we can without considering certain factors.  That is why I came up with these 4 Things to remember in Freelancing work.

Based on my recent experience, I had the opportunity to have more clients than I can handle.  Well for some, like me, this is the kind of problem I would rather have than having no extra income at all.

At first, I weighed each opportunity. And while each one was simple enough, each would take bits of my time and chew into my resting time. So much so, that I would start to work and feel like, you know, resting. Well, one thing leads to another and resting then turns to procrastination that then leads to a lack of time and eventually inefficiency.

To help enlighten fellow freelancers here are 4 Things to remember in Freelancing work.

  1. Find your Balance -Like all things in life, there should be a balance between work and leisure. Do not let work spill over to your resting or leisure time. Work is work, but the very reason we work is to enjoy the “off-work” times. Work and rest can never co-exist.

  2. Not all clients think the same – In most cases, I have encountered, clients tend to be or appear to be great and heaven-sent. But wait till you make that one single and un-intended mistake like getting sick.  That is when you will really get to know who or what your client is.  You really have no choice but to make up otherwise you will get the wrong end of the stick.  If the client is a foreigner, we must not let these things get out of hand.

  3. Not all jobs were created for you – As freelancers, we will encounter job offers that we see as simple. And there will be items on your task lists that may seem so easy to accomplish. Just let it sink in and you would encounter being overwhelmed in its simple complexity.  While some workers are actually “no-brainers” when you have had years of experience, some of these might actually bog you down and keep you off-track for some time. This is a situation nobody wants to be in. We would want work to be FIFO or First In, First Out.

  4. Money is not worth the loss of something else – Having lots of sources of income is great. The only thing is, with all these opportunities and income possibilities, don’t you think you are missing something in life?  Things like quality time with your loved ones, or that nagging thing you’ve always wanted to do or your daily or weekly exercise?  To truly be masters of our craft, we must learn to compromise and learn to separate personal items from work.  Otherwise, we would reach a certain point in time where we look back and enjoy our accomplishments only to realize that there is something missing and that there is no more time to make it up.

Alphonse Tan


Alphonse is a marketing person by profession and started his life's career in sales. He is an alumnus of De La Salle University in Manila with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management.

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