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Entrepreneurship in Retirement

Could Entrepreneurship in Retirement be for you?

Finding something to do once you’ve reached retirement age can be difficult. This sort of activity could be more stressful than looking for a job when you were younger. All of the self-study books would direct one to their area of interest. Another would advise not to look any further and instead to go over their talents in detail and focus on making them an extension of living, of life. Could Entrepreneurship in Retirement be for you?

One might and could have all the necessary training, tools and facilities to pull something and become someone totally independent, financially or business-wise. The only problem is, not everybody was designed to be a business person.

Most of us work hard all our lives and toil for others. Barely making a living enabling us to live our lives. Some of us do make it, but unfortunately was not given the talent of maximizing our resources to give us a more comfortable journey. Very few of us never have this kinds of thoughts at this point in their lives.

At this point in this life there are two things we need to consider most 1) financial capacity and 2) physical capacity. We would also need to give consideration these two things 1) Long Term Goal and 2) Short Term Goal. The first two items are the tools need to get into and succeed in this new journey, while the other two should help us determine how long and for who are we starting this.

Best case scenario for anyone would be scenario should be We are financially capable and we are physically strong. Assuming we are both. We should also consider if we can do this and probably build a successful business within another 10 to 20 years (Long Term Goal). If not we can instead concentrate on doing something the would keep us busy for the next couple of yours(Short Term Goal) and at the same have something we can use or save.

If you are looking to do anything for the long haul and you are financially and physically capable then entrepreneurship is the thing for you. If you are financially capable but not much physically, you can buy into any business that is already established and is more or less more turn-key.

Now we cannot really say those less financially capable are not really in the market of creating or working with opportunities. So we leave them be and let them choose for themselves the path they may decide to take.

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Alphonse Tan

Alphonse is a marketing person by profession and started his life's career in sales. He is an alumnus of De La Salle University in Manila with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management. Alphonse is a web technology auto-didact of sorts. With diverse interests ranging from business and travel to senior citizens' advocacy, his passion shines through in his various endeavors.

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