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WiFi Etiquette

wifi-158401_1280A lot of people like me would like to enjoy the free life, meaning free internet wherever we go. Whether it be a place of business or a place to eat. Most of the time it is a place to have lunch or dinner or even coffee. I would like to explain about “WiFi Etiquette”.

Upon sitting down, I usually fire up the WIFI icon on my smartphone and scan through all the available WIFI connections trying to decipher whether a connection belongs to the establishment or not. If no connection obviously belongs to the establishment, I try to ask the waiters or waitresses if they have WIFI, and if so what the password was.

If the persons who I asked were courteous and willing to share this bit of information with me, then I guess the Swarm Appestablishment deserves a minor payback. As a courtesy and part of “WiFi Etiquette”, I would connect and open up my “SWARM” (formerly named foursquare). And at least check-in. This somehow would help the establishment gain some momentum in as far as social recognition is concerned. Some establishments do not recognize this and see that offering FREE WIFI as just another expense.

Another thing, when establishments lend us their WIFI, it doesn’t mean that you alone are entitled alone to be hogging the connection by watching online videos or downloading your movies from your favorite torrents. Public WIFI was meant as a come-on by the establishment for everybody. So if you were not able to connect, connections are probably full. Being able to connect but not being able to browse means that the WIFI router has more than sufficient allowable connections, but somehow one or maybe two or even more are hogging the connection.

I personally have my own pocket WIFI that unfortunately at times would have been used as something like a Frisbee because of the connection. At times like these, connections from free WIFI would serve me better since their source of the Internet is either DSL or CABLE or Satellite or Fiber, which would mean that the internet is more or less more reliable.

Alphonse Tan


Alphonse is a marketing person by profession and started his life's career in sales. He is an alumnus of De La Salle University in Manila with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management.

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