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3 Lead Generation Sources

Back in the day, I was fascinated with the concept of a database itself. Whenever I would encounter a list of people, regardless of whether I need it or not, I would keep it.

When I was selling mobile phones I needed a reliable source of prospects, after searching for a reliable source, I made a generic brochure and sent them out by facsimile or fax.

Before looking for places to get lists of prospects, just bear in mind who your “target market” is. This is important because having a list of your target market is marketing to people who need or want what you are selling.

Here are 3 possible sources where you can get your list:

  1. The list I was talking about above was a “fax directory”. PLDT then, aside from the white and the yellow pages typically gave away a “fax directory” of business listed within in its territory. Every day as I arrived at the office, I would send my generic brochure to at least 10 numbers and a maximum of about 20 per day.  Of course, at this day and age, sending an email would be more expedient.

  2. Go to expos. There are dozens of them yearly, there are franchising expos (EFE 2019), SME expos ( PHILSME 2019)construction expos (Wordlbex 2019). You would come home having a bag of goodies and most importantly, a collection of calling cards. One advantage for getting companies in expos, at least you know they have the budget since joining expos entail a lot of it.

  3. Check out association websites. For example Direct Selling Association of the Philippines, etc.

There are tons of other places to get your list. You just have to do some copy and pasting from websites to your excel file. Or you might need to generate a database from your list of calling cards.

When you have a list made out, the next thing to do are the following:

  1. Decide how to send individual brochures or proposals. By fax, email or snail mail.

  2. Design your brochure or proposal.

Note about sending through email: There are anti-spamming laws in most countries now so I suggest you design your email to have an “opt-in” option. That way if they’re interested they will register to be on your list.  Some email platforms have a maximum number of sent emails per day.

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