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Editorial Guidlines

We welcome contributions that would benefit any or all of our members. We advice everyone to review and try to apply our very basic guidelines.
  1. Focus on any event you may have experienced and learned from.  We are looking at some learning experiences on topics that focus on startups, entrepreneurship, business management, sales management, business operations, customer relations and any other topics that would help engage and improve our fellow members.
  2. As we are mostly professionals here, please be sure the tone, language and and organization of content is appropriate for mature and professional members.
  3. There may be times where your composition would be short, please make it at least 100 words or at least two paragraphs. Even short topics need to be emphasized. Web writing should be clear and direct. Keep sentences short. Remove words or descriptions that don’t add value to the content.
  4. Readers scan web pages before they read. If they don’t recognize useful, relevant content, they often move on. Elements that enhance scanning include headers, links, highlighted text, bullet-ed lists, graphics, captions and pull-quotes.  Limit paragraphs to 70 words.
  5. Bullet-ed lists are easier to scan and read than full paragraphs. If you are listing three or more items, consider using a bullet-ed list. For instructions or long lists like this one, consider using numbered lists for easy reference.
  6. Use common language and minimize highfalutin words.  Use a more conversational tone. Avoid jargon and buzzwords like “cutting-edge” or “leverage.” Users are turned off by content that talks at them instead of with them. Consider how you would communicate with someone standing in front of you instead of via a traditional TV or radio advertisement.
  7. We would do welcome constructive emphasis on certain points as long as these do not infringe on the rights of any individual or group.  We do not condone any provocations towards actions that promote sex, violence, child abuses, drug abuse and any other act that is normally defined as out of the “commerce of man”.
It is our policy to read and screen any writings that pass through our online editors  
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