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Japan’s Version of Amazon Go

After Amazon Go, Japan has come up with its own version of convenient shopping which entails a shopping basket or cart where one would swipe the items then are purchasing, after which the customer takes the basket to an un-attended counter. The counter retrieves scanned items in the basket and provides the customer with the price and a card swiper for which to swipe their credit cards or debit cards.
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Amazon Go Grocery Store : No Checkout Lines or Cashiers

Amazon has just unveiled its own grocery store with no cashiers or checkout counters. The new project, titled Amazon Go, is currently just an 1800-square-foot retail store located in the company's hometown of Seattle - it lets shoppers just grab items off the shelves and walk out, the order then gets charged to their Amazon account afterward. This works by using computer vision and sensors to detect what items you're taking out of th
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Why You Should Be Celebrating Failures

Remember how excited you were when you launched your new venture? You have this incredible idea and nothing was going to stop you. The venture you put up was going to be a game-changer … and then you took a fall. How does it feel to come crashing down with all thoughts of making it big vanishing into thin air? I would be ecstatic if it were me who failed. I am proud to say that my past failures have brought me immense joy and uncontained excitement.
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‘Evolution Of The Desk’

"Evolution of the Desk" is an initiative borne out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. The goal is to illustrate the impact that technology has had on our lives over the last 35 years. A cluttered desk, complete with a rolodex, a file cabinet, and a fax machine, transforms into a much cleaner, simpler surface consisting of only a laptop and a mobile phone. Of course, some things in life - like the sun - are everlasting, so the shades persist throughout the years.
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