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Planning your Corporate Social Network Accounts

Social Networks plays a very different role for individuals and for businesses. Some corporate social network accounts seem to have no stress for this difference. In most cases, the social media manager or the one handling a company's social network, in their eagerness to promote their social profile, invite their…

Handling Personnel Problems

I remember working for a fast-food chain back in the late 80's. I started out as a management trainee and was given by other managers the usual seniority crap. This meant them giving me the shifts that other managers did not want to take.  I didn't mind this as I…

Why Register?

Registering a business is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your country.  This gives you more breadth because your business would now be more or less more legal. Legal here means that you would already be filing for and pay your taxes, paying your business permits,…

Build your own Website

Starting a website should be parallel to when you start your business. It needs to be started, established and grow with time. Most business persons pay web designers and/or developers to build their websites only to neglect this when its built.

The P’s of Marketing

During my time, there were only four (4) P's, namely : Product, Pricing , Promotions and Place. Recently in some circles, they have added the fifth (5th) P, which to me is the most important of all: People.

Updated : Food Delivery Numbers

We acknowledge that work can be sometimes stressful, especially for startups that we need to find comfort in food. During times when we are rushing somethings or are in important meetings that heading out to eat would probably just be a waste of time, here are some numbers of fast-food and restaurants that you can call in these dire times

4 steps to start freelancing

Not all freelancers start out as freelancers, most of them(us) start out as employees. Yes, we are people who are slaves of the Bundy Clock. Freelancing used to refer to people who work at an office and do odd, but related jobs for someone else. Currently, freelancing is more about…

Mixing and Matching Products to create a new product

After a lot of thought, I said to myself: "The internet is a great tool for marketing businesses, reaching great distances with such little effort and investment." But the internet at that time was all "dial-ups". This was the time Google was not yet known and yahoo was the only major search engine.
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