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Four basic technology and device/s for everyday out office use.

Working in an office where you have everything within reach is great, but what happens if you are out?

Here are some tips on working out of the office with only your mobile phone

  1. Mobile Phone – modern day mobile phones have a plethora  of features that can be used for personal and business use.  Beginning with email apps that you may use like you use your “Microsoft Outlook”. There are also apps for word processing, for taking photographs or documenting an event or a place, apps for communications, etc. A mobile phone with a data plan may be used to look for a location or place on the internet. There are apps designed to be used with ease for purchasing items, for checking courier schedules and deliveries.

  2. Email – Ad-Hoc storage – Cloud storage is great but not when your using just a mobile phone.  To save files and access them would be too tedious as logging in to your cloud account, looking for the file, downloading it and opening on the word processor on your mobile phone. Why not send a copy of the file to yourself or save email as a “draft” this way the file is easily accessible since most of the time our email is just a click away to open.

  3. Pocket-WIFI – Internet wherever you go – When you need internet that is always ready but do not want to subscribe to data on your mobile phone, why not think of purchasing a pocket-wifi device? There are of course more benefits to getting a mobile plan (post-paid) with data. But a pocket-wifi device you only load it when you need internet. Eventually, the cost of purchase will pay for itself in terms of convenience. There are times when you deal with highly confidentail information and you wouldn’t want these to be stuck somewhere on somebody’s router’s cache when using free wifi. Besides, you should never do online banking or transactions on free-wifi. A pocket-wifi device is not only limit in use for mobile phones, they may also be used for your laptops.

  4. Messengers – Free telecommunications -Worrying about costly communication costs? Have a mobile phone but you’re down to your last free minute? Why not get your associate’s Skype, Viber or Messenger and call them through your mobile phone using your pocket-wifi. The advantage with these messengers if you may also do video calls, the only thing is video calls might eat up your pre-paid load faster.

These technologies and devices were really designed for the consumer in mind.  It is up to you how you use them to be productive.

Alphonse Tan

Alphonse is a marketing person by profession and started his life's career in sales. He is an alumnus of De La Salle University in Manila with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management.

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