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How To Send Traffic To Your Website Through Facebook

How to send traffic to your website through Facebook

So you’re all set up, you have your website and your Facebook page all set up. After adding all of your friends and inviting some new ones to your Facebook page, did you ever wonder how to send your audience to your website? Here’s a simple tip on “How to send traffic to your website through Facebook”.

Say you’ve set up your website to be packed with new content every week or month. If your site was not designed to be able to do so, please invest some time and create or have your site converted into a dynamic one by having it converted into a website with a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress where you can create posts on the fly.  With a dynamic CMS, you can readily create categories like “news”, “updates”, “articles” and create dynamic content or posts thereafter. Create your post first.

Ok moving on, there are two sites that we need to have opened 1) your website and 2) your Facebook company page.

Step 1 – Copy the URL or the Website/Web page address of the page/post you want to promote.
Step 2 – Go to your Facebook Company Page and click on the “write something” portion.
Step 3 – Create some copy or text to entice your audience, then paste the link you copied.
Step 4 – Voila! you have a post that people can click to go to your website.

Note: when you paste a link on facebook, Facebook will show what images are available on the web page. You may choose to show or not to show these depending on your style or goal.

The link of the sample page is here

Alphonse Tan

Alphonse Tan

Alphonse is an alumnus of DLSU in Manila. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management. He entrepreneurial journey began when he was accepted in a telecommunications startup. His key responsibility area then were helping setup our distributorship with Motorola, setting up the first branch from the ground up from recruitment, HR, developing sales pipelines; internal and external.

He had hands-on experience in sales development, retail and channels, advertising, institution selling and marketing. He also had successes in the Non-Life Insurance wherein he managed clients’ multi-million portfolios, He also operated a magazines distribution creating a network of distribution of magazine stands, has helped manage computer shops and so forth and so on.

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