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Brixton Burgers

From Humble Beginnings to Neighborhood Haven: The Brixton Burgers Story

It all started back in December 2014. We flung open our garage doors, sizzling up burgers for ourselves. But the delicious aroma soon had our neighbors knocking, eager to buy a taste. Day after day, the smell of grilling Brixton Burgers’ patties and captivating stories drew them in. Even with just a driveway as a makeshift storefront, people lined up before Christmas, braving the chill for our juicy quarter-pounders.

January rolled around, and the holiday rush hadn’t faded. We knew then it was time to take things a step further. We opened our humble garage doors every afternoon, turning it into a local haven. That’s where our story truly begins, Brixton Burgers.

Brixton Burgers: Joining Forces to Grill Up Happiness

Here at Brixton Burgers, we’re on a mission to bring our delicious burgers to every neighborhood. Are you ready to join our growing family? Become a partner in our network, churning out handcrafted, 100% pure beef burgers that will invade small communities with flavor.

More Than Just Burgers: Your Neighborhood Feast Awaits

Brixton Burgers is your one-stop shop for all things delicious. We offer a variety of mouthwatering options beyond our signature burgers:

Crispy fries for the perfect burger companion

Thick and creamy milkshakes to end your meal on a sweet note

Hearty burritos and tacos for those craving a handheld fiesta

Refreshing house-blend iced teas bursting with flavor

The Brixton Burgers Experience: Old-School Meets Modern

We’ve combined the nostalgic charm of an old-school burger joint with a contemporary twist. Our outdoor dining experience offers a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for any occasion.

Affordable Feasts for All:

At Brixton Burgers, we believe everyone deserves a delicious and satisfying meal. That’s why we offer our top-quality food at affordable prices, catering to everyone from adventurous youngsters to seasoned foodies.

Come experience the Brixton  difference – where good food, good company, and good vibes come together to create your neighborhood food haven.


• Passion for food service.

• Have great people skills-outgoing and welcoming attitude towards customers and the community.

• Believes in the Brixton Burgers Experience and is willing to deliver and replicate it in their chosen location.

• Understands the importance of local store marketing and community involvement.

• He/She Understands the importance of great store location.

• Have the appropriate capitalization to develop at least 2 locations.


Address83 Brixton Hill St. near corner Bayani Rd.
Araneta Ave., Santol, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone(02) 710-7020
Mobile Phone(0906)444-7788
WebsiteVisit Website
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Cart - (4-6 sqm)

Franchise Fee ₱250,000

Food Trailer/Truck

Franchise Fee ₱400,000

Kiosk/Counter - (10-15 sqm)

Franchise Fee ₱400,000

Resto/Dine-in (60-80sqm)

Franchise Fee ₱700,000
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