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Bowl Marrow

Bringing the Delight of Bone Marrow to the Streets

Welcome to the world of Bowl Marrow. Our objective is simple – to make the beloved Filipino dish, bone marrow, easily accessible to everyone. We will explore how Bowl Marrow aims to bring this flavorful delight to the streets. And show you how this provides a delightful experience for Filipino food enthusiasts.

The Simple Objective of Bowl Marrow

At Bowl Marrow, the objective is clear – to make bone marrow readily available on the streets. By bringing this beloved Filipino dish to the masses, the franchise aims to satisfy the cravings of food lovers from all walks of life.

A Wide Variety of Mixed Rice Meals and Side Dishes

Our brand offers a wide variety of mixed rice meals and side dishes. This provides customers with a delightful experience of enjoying the different flavors of bone marrow. With each bite, Filipinos can savor the rich and decadent taste that this beloved dish has to offer.

Accessibility and Convenience for All

By taking bone marrow to the streets, this brand ensures that everyone can easily enjoy this delicious treat. Whether you’re a busy professional looking for a quick and satisfying meal or a food enthusiast seeking a unique culinary experience, Bowl Marrow delivers accessibility and convenience to suit all lifestyles.

Unleashing the Potential of a Bone Marrow Food Franchise

With its simple yet flavorful concept, the franchise presents a promising opportunity for aspiring food franchise entrepreneurs. By bringing this beloved dish to more locations, franchisees have the chance to cater to the growing demand for bone marrow. Plus, it offers a unique dining experience to their customers.

Bowl Marrow is on a mission to make bone marrow a street food sensation, accessible to all. With a diverse range of mixed rice meals and side dishes, Filipinos can indulge in the delightful flavors of this beloved dish. As Bowl Marrow continues to expand its food franchise opportunities, more aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to be a part of this exciting culinary journey. Join the franchise and savor the rich taste of bone marrow, right on the streets of the Philippines.

Address461 Barangka Drive, Bgy. Plainview
Mandaluyong City
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Bowl Marrow - Bone Marrow in a bowl®
Franchise Fee (Min)
Franchise Fee (Max)
Training, Support and Continuous Learning
- Business Registration Advice and Support
- Business Management and Entrepreneurial Training
- Recruitment Support
- Sales Training
- Operations Training
- Ops Manual, Knowledge Base and Videos
- Onboarding Training, Support and Assistance
- Operational Support Desk

Equipment & Supplies
- Induction Cookers
- Oven
- Steamer
- Kitchen Toolset
- Torch
- 2 Manager Shirts
- 2 Sets of Crew Uniforms (Shirt, Cap, Apron)

Initial Supplies
- Raw Bone Marrow
- Side Dishes
- Mixed Rice Sauce
- Flavors
- Wedges
- Breads
- Paper Bowls
- Paper Bags
- Utensils, Gloves and Tissues

Franchises, platforms and technology
- Application negotiation and coordination with malls
- Big Scoop Ice Cream distributor
- Facebook branch account
- GPS Store Map
- Food Panda registration
- Grab Food registration
- Other delivery app registration
- email address
- Architectural design perspective for food court and dining

The Bull Marrow advantage
- First and only bone marrow-themed food business
- Competitive franchise fee
- Unique, delicious, and aesthetic Client
- quick and easy setup
- Proven Francis Management Support
- Malls, parks, gas stations, and street spaces are readily available

Outdoor Trailer

Franchise Fee ₱789,000

Mall Food Court

Franchise Fee ₱450,000

Food Cart

Franchise Fee ₱649,000


Franchise Fee ₱699,000
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