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V Coffee Philippines

V Coffee Philippines

V Coffee Philippines – Your Beverage Franchise Opportunity

Welcome to the world of V Coffee Philippines! We will introduce you to our thriving beverage franchise and the exciting opportunities it offers. V Coffee Philippines stands out with its exceptional quality, innovative flavors, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Join us as we delve into the key benefits and features of our franchise and embark on the journey of becoming a valued member of our growing family.

The Vision of V Coffee Philippines

This franchise brand is driven by a vision to provide customers with a memorable coffee experience like no other. We aim to create a coffee culture that celebrates the art of brewing. A culture with the richness of flavors, and the joy of sharing moments with loved ones. Through our beverage franchise, we empower entrepreneurs to bring this vision to life in their communities.

Innovative Flavors and Quality Ingredients

At V Coffee Philippines, we believe that variety and quality are essential to delighting our customers. Our menu offers a wide range of innovative flavors crafted from premium ingredients sourced from around the world. From indulgent specialty coffees to refreshing teas and delightful smoothies, we have something to satisfy every palate and cater to diverse consumer preferences.

Comprehensive Support for Franchisees

When you join the this franchise, you become part of a supportive network dedicated to your success. We provide comprehensive training and guidance to help you master the art of brewing and deliver exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is always there to assist you with marketing strategies, operations management, and ongoing support to ensure the smooth running of your franchise.

Captivating Customers and Building a Thriving Business

With V Coffee Philippines, you have the opportunity to captivate customers and build a thriving beverage business in your local community. Our brand recognition, innovative flavors, and commitment to quality create a strong foundation for success.

By providing a welcoming atmosphere, where customers feel valued and comfortable, you can foster the foundation for long-lasting relationships.

Pairing this with personalized customer experiences and a dynamic menu that continually adapts to meet customers’ evolving expectations, you can establish a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.

This franchise offers a unique beverage franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the world of specialty beverages. Our franchise stands out in the market with our vision of providing a memorable coffee experience and our commitment to innovative flavors and quality ingredients.

Through comprehensive support and a focus on customer satisfaction, we pave the way for your success. Join us on this exciting journey and be a part of the franchise as we continue to redefine the coffee culture and delight customers with our exceptional beverages. Start your entrepreneurial dream today and discover the perfect blend with V Coffee Philippines!



AddressLot 797-B2E, Congressional Ave. Ext. Brgy. Culiat
Quezon City (beside J&T and in front of Petron)
Phone0967 056 3180
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Nature of Business
Coffee & Donut store
Franchise Setup Fee (Min)
Franchise Setup Fee (Max)
- Use of trade name and logo
- Use of business system
- Product & operational training
- Equipment and set of utensils
- Marketing/Advertisement support
- After-sales support
- Notarized franchise agreement
- Store design
- DTI registration
Why V Coffee?
- Genuine coffee (not syrup-based or instant powder mix)
- Coffee starts at Php38
- Made with our very own blend of coffee bean
- Can tie up with your existing business
- Espresso and Drip options to cater both coffee lovers and mass market such as students
- Authentic and high-quality taste
- Low-cost setup
- Low investment
- Fast turnover for operation
- Easy to operate
- Secured brand name and logo
- Instagrammable branding
- Good profit margin
- No hidden charges
- No monthly quota
Franchise Setup Fees
- Express In-line Bar Counter (Drip Coffee only) - Php98,000
- In-line bar counter - P168,000
- Store - P238,000
- Premium Kiosk - Php398,000
- Donut Franchise - Php68,000
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