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Tell us your story!

Tell us your story!

We would like to thank you for giving us a part of your busy schedule. Everybody has their own story, some are ordinary but great, some are great and inspirational. Once you have submitted your story, and if chosen, shall be published in the site under our planned “Profiles” portion.

Please ready your best photo for the profile picture.

Thank you.


    This is completely optional. If you decide to include your work or organization information here, we will create an entry for it FREE in our "Companies" section.


    1. Grant of Publishing Rights
    A. You hereby grants and assigns to the Publisher, its successors, representatives, and assigns, the sole and exclusive right to publish (i.e., print, publish, and sell) the Work in the English language in all forms in the Republic of the Philippines, during the full term of copyright and any renewals and extensions thereof, except as provided herein.

    B. Entrepdotph Co. LTD, shall have the sole and exclusive right to publish or to license your story for publication in the English language or in any other language in the Republic of the Philippines and in any other foreign country, except as provided herein.

    2. Copyright
    Copyright of the Work, if not heretofore registered, shall be registered by Entrepdotph Co. LTD, upon first publication, in a timely manner in your name, in the Republic of the Philippines and in such other countries as the Publisher deems feasible or desirable, and the proper copyright notice or notices necessary to protect copyright to and in any work shall be printed on the reverse side of the title page or in another appropriate place, in every copy thereof, in your name. Entrepdotph Co. LTD shall also have the right to effect any renewals of copyright provided by law and the right to any assistance from the Author or Author’s heirs, successors, or assigns, essential thereto.

    3. Advertising and Promotion
    A. Entrepdotph Co. LTD shall have the right to use, and to license others to use,your name, image, likeness and biographical material for advertising, promotion, and other use of your story and the other rights granted under this Agreement provided the Publisher has obtained the Author’s approval  which shall not be unreasonably withheld to said use.

    B. Entrepdotph Co. LTD shall have the right to determine the time, place, method and manner of advertising, promotion and other exploitation of the Work provided Entrepdotph Co. LTD has consulted with you. 

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