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Free Business Websites : The Equalizer for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Business Websites are considered an expense by small businesses. They instead go for the free alternative: social media. While this may not be a bad thing and may actually do wonders. Here are some reasons why a small business still need to have their own website.

  • No Distractions – normal browsing through some social networks like facebook has so many distractions that visitors to your page may wonder off because of related advertising and other links.
  • Not a Place for Complaints – there will always be end users needing to vent their frustrations on a company and these do not end up like we always want them to be. If your social media manager is not on his/her toes regularly checking. You would have had someone destroy your company and before you know it, you would end up spending money just for someone else to fix this horror.
  • Owning a website shows you invest in yourself – We pay for office rent, utilities, and everything else related to our operations. Be it a mom and pop operation type, we all need to project a positive image to our clients.

Our sister site, offers Free Business Websites for a limited time. Even after this offer expires, the next plan is still affordable even with the customization add-on.

All sites, Free or Paid have the following basic features:

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The Entrep Team

“Don't wait for the opportunity, create it.”

― Debasish Mridha

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