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5 Strategies in Running an Online Meeting

5 Strategies in Running an Online Meeting. Covid-19 looks to be staying with us a little longer.  With the office culture temporarily on hold, most if not all are still adjusting to working from home.  There would be times when you need to schedule department meetings online so here are…

3 Lead Generation Sources

Back in the day, I was fascinated with the concept of a database itself. Whenever I would encounter a list of people, regardless of whether I need it or not, I would keep it. When I was selling mobile phones I needed a reliable source of prospects, after searching for…

Unique Selling Point

"What is our Unique Selling Point"? This is one question start-ups and marketers need to be asking. If a group decides on creating an e-commerce site or a site offering a service or a product that many others are selling then this needs to fit in very snugly.
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