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Coffee Spot

Why iFRANCHISE? Tried and tested concepts available No experience needed On going Operational Support Never Ending Research and Development for Concepts Handled by Professionals Honest and Modest Franchise Handlers. Our Commitment: Excellence Trust Development

Figaro Coffee

Founded in 1993, way before all these major coffee chains were present in Manila, a group of coffee lovers and enthusiasts got together and dreamt of a cafe where they could lounge and entertain friends and business associates, a relaxing place which fulfilled their demanding taste for great coffee, delicious…

Café Tribu

Café Tribu’s mission to recharge your mornings and relieve your days retreat each shop aims to welcome you in a worry-free atmosphere through the enjoyment of a good cup of freshly brewed coffee done the Tribu way grounded in love, filtered with care, and served just the way you like…

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