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Speed driven PH

A reputable and well known carwash in Cainta, Rizal has been in the business for almost 9 years. With many of its customers celebrating its success, some have expressed their demand of having one of their own.

Started as a mere idea to help our business-oriented carwash customers, Speed driven PH has been providing all-in-one personalized carwash packages that includes a wide array of carwash chemicals and equipment, as well as learning and training on basic carwash and professional auto detailing since 2017.

Our journey to perfection has catered to more than 200 clients nationwide, and is striving to reach more entrepreneurs not only in the Philippines, but also abroad.

Recently, Speed Driven PH received multiple awards and recognitions that stand as proof of its outstanding performance for the past years.

In 2018 alone, we have been awarded as the Best Trusted Carwash Business Franchise by the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence, and as the Innovative Carwash Business Provider by the Best Choice Awards 2018. The company continues to take pride in its carwash chemicals formulated by our own Speed Driven chemists and continues to deliver excellence through customer satisfaction and effective marketing assistance.

Franchise Products or Services

  • Carwash( with vacuum and tire black)

  • Carwash with Protectants (VS1)

  • Carwash with Protectants (Quick Detailer)

  • Polish & Wax with Carwash (Polishing cream+Carnauba wax + buffing machine foam pad)

  • Buff & Glaze with Carwash (glazer + canauba wax + buffing machine)

  • Buff & Wax with Carwash (carnauba wax + buffing machine)

  • Swirl & Stain Removal (no sanding)

  • Swirl & Scratch Removal (sanding & buffing procedure)

  • Acid Removal with Carwash

  • 3 steps buffing with Carwash (cutting cream + glazer + canauba wax + buffing machine)

  • Engine Wash / Engine Detailing with carwash (degreaser + VS1)

  • Mags & Underneath Cleaning with Carwash

  • Headlight Detailing (w/o car wash)

  • Carpet & Matting Laundry

  • Interior Semi-Detailing with Carwash

  • All-in Interior Detailing with Carwash

  • Äftg Moto Detailing

  • Full Auto Detailing (Interior + Exterior)

  • Asphalt Removal ~ (w/o Carwash)

AddressSapphire St, Cainta
1800 Metro Manila
Phone8637 58 89
On the web 

Mini Speed Driven

Location Assistance
Lot Requirement 100sq.m.
Staggered Payment
Modern Conceptualized Design

Package Price / Franchise Fee PHP 150,000

Regular Carwash

Location Assistance
Lot Requirement 150sq.m.
Staggered Payment
Modern Conceptualized Design

Package Price / Franchise Fee PHP 250,000

Hybrid Carwash

Location Assistance
Lot Requirement 200sq.m.
Staggered Payment
Initial Fee
Use of Trademarks
Modern Conceptualized Design
Grand Opening Promotion
Equipment and Supplies

Package Price / Franchise Fee PHP 250,000

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