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About is primarily an internet publication that provides resource reading materials, articles, guides, press releases, directories to help entrepreneurs and would be business persons understand and get valuable insights from. is also the company handling and managing different internet properties and activities

  • is where our career in web design, web development, and WordPress development started.  This is a business site showcasing our services, our past projects.
  • is a website highlighting the vast world of travel. It begins with the author as “the Traveller”. Showing the places he’s been to and the people he’s been with. We are building the site to evolve into something much more. A website that would help the big and the small players get their fair share of promotions. This site will be complimentary to
  • is a general information site that provides an entertaining read, yes still including the ALDUB, but this has been tempered down a bit. TrendingThisMinute is your news, entertainment, music, fashion website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry.
  • (soon) is a site whose basic function is to help its visitors “Plan their Vacations“.  All partners and suppliers get to scramble for bidding each request for quotation created by members.  Each member gets offers and when they decide that is the only time the line of communication between member and user is opened.  There is also a planned rewards system to encourage the use of the site.
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